A downloadable game for Windows

Hello everybody!

Here is Iron Mike, a game we made on the occasion of our first LudumDare (40) With 3 people in 50-60h. On the theme "The more you have, the worse it is"


Unity (First time for the 2 dev)

Sorry for the missing soundtrack but we did not want to use assets for the jam and none of us knew how to do sound design.


A quick summary of what to do because we did not have time to do a tutorial.
You must resist the waves of ears by taking them out of the ring.
You have 3 buttons:
-Light attack, unlimited
-A powerful attack, in limited use that reigns over time. and this is the only way to get the enemies out of the ring (represented by the lights around the ring)

You must win your match by winning the most rounds.
If you won a round one of your powerful attacks is no longer reloadable and you go to the next round

If you lose a round it does not happen and you go to the next round



IronMike.rar 52 MB